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the secret stages of my shhh…

I’ve put in my years around the early career comedy scene and you can tell when you’ve found something genuinely special; Amber has that most rare of comedic gifts - genuine surprise. Any minute of her set is alternatingly touchingly vulnerable, raunchy, adorable, heart breaking - the range of different feelings and laughs I got to experience from Amber’s set was unique for me in any medium.
— Jake Bornstein, Director of Training and Development at Talentism LLC
Wowee zoweee - lapping up you and your expression courage humor and willingness to invite us into the microscope of your mind, the shadow and sexuality are fucking fantastico!
— MICHELE sondheimer, manager organic india

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If you have an aversion to sexuality being expressed or are very religious you should probably definitely NOT come to this show.

You are a true performance artist... You fired me up to remember what genuine creative expression looks, feels, and tastes like... beautiful, heart-felt, and deliciously funny.
— cynthia stadd, ceo at eat empowered & professional dancer
Amber: Your show was Awesome! Strange, Mesmerizing, Sexy, intimate and Beautiful.
— marco lam, acupuncturist and producer
God Damn you are captivating, quirky, hilarious + sexy as fu%$!
— rachel lubanowski, owner & designer at Grey Tangerine
Your performance-presence- ripeness was raw and radical and so very moving... You are courageous and gorgeous and vulnerable and heart-centered and I am so so so grateful I was there to witness you in the guided experience you offered as a fulfilling sliver of what is within your soul.
— Irene Joyce, professional dancer & choreographer
What you shared in movement and story were both personal and relatable - uplifting & expansive as well as painful and revealing... Your relationship to your body, movement, fluidity, humor, and space left me in awe.
— Corissa Gold, writer & artist
Loved it. Real, alive, beautiful, heart felt, heart full, deep, funny, playful, sexy. So much love to you Amber for what you are bringing to the stage.
— Paul Johnston, big fan
I just wanted to say how kick ass your show was last night. It was truly a delight to be inside your world for a little bit. A beautiful heart and mind inside of a beautiful woman.
— AY Wheeler, photographer & dj
Amber, I absolutely loved your show! It pulled all my strings...heart, memory, laughter...also activated a layer of spiritual growth.
— Rebecca Robinson, psychotherapist

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Painfully Birthed by Amber Widom

rated r seriously

HOT DAMN. This show is like a tall glass of water.... then a shot of tequila, a strawberry popsicle, and a slap on the ass. Ahhh-mazingly dangerous, beautiful and HUMAN. XOXO
— Nikki Pike, Artist
Blowing my mind and emotions. Amber Widom- you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
— Jennifer DePalo-Peterson, Former Principal Dancer at Martha Graham Dance Company of 18 years
Amber... My crooked nose and broken parts thank you for the fearless depth and honesty you brought over the weekend.
— Paul Barke, Colordo man
Seriously lady... you cracked my heart SO WIDE and woke up some parts of my heart and soul I have been painfully squishing down over the past few days. Thank you. #$%*! You rocked it, sister...truly. I cannot fib about these things... YOU DID IT! And all the way! Gratitude and love, gem
— Gemma Wilcox, Multiple Award Winning Playwright and Performer
So my beautiful friend Amber Widom was a STAR of vulnerability, gut expression, sweetness and intensity last night. WHAT. A. SHOW. There are few things I love more that FUN GRITTY TRANSPARENCY...I think my favorite thing was you didn’t take yourself so seriously...At the same time you were so present, allowing and loving of yourself. I fell in love with you more and more every time you were moved to tears.
— Marci Davis, Therapist, Artist, Wife of a Rockstar

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Dominatrix Mistress Claus

that’s a good girl

Amber was delightful to work with. She was extremely professional and not to mention the life of the party. She has a great sense when it comes to reading people and can tell when to ease up on someone or make them the center of the show, she was fantastic. Would definitely recommend, people are still talking about her from our party!
— Hannah Goldsmith, Shinesty International - creative content marketing associate
Never have I been so aroused and frightened in my whole life. Amber was a professional in every sense of the word. We needed a specialized character for our extravagant holiday party, and she took the request and ran with it. I would absolutely work with her again. It is not easy to do what she does, her composure and disposition stayed strong through the entire performance!
— Drew Wyman, Shinesty International -content chef