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“Amber was delightful to work with. She was extremely professional and not to mention the life of the party. She has a great sense when it comes to reading people and can tell when to ease up on someone or make them the center of the show, she was fantastic. Would definitely recommend, people are still talking about her from our party! ”
— — hannah goldsmith, shinesty international - creative content marketing associate

Gyrotonic & GyroKinesis Instruction

I provide loving yet direct private Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis Movement Instruction attuned to your bodies needs.

  • I keep my body strong, flexible, toned, healthy and balanced through the practice of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis.

  • This practice is a key component in how I’m able to continue dancing and performing through the years and I LOVE sharing this knowledge and practice with others.

  • The Gyrotonic Expansion System, created by Juliu Horvath has been described as “The Art of Exercise”.

  • Similar health benefits that are found in Yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming, pilates and tai chi are found here in the Gyrotonic method. Think steam punk machines that combine a sort of combination of yoga, dance, breath work, weights, strengthening, stretching, hands on massage, homework and more, that results in improved body health, increased range of motion, balance and a re-patterning of the nervous system and many other benefits.

  • The method works the joints and muscles of the body using rhythmic undulating exercises that invigorate the organs while incorporating breathing patterns.

  • All sessions are held at Gyrotonic Bodhi located at 3200 Valmont Road, Boulder CO 80301

  • Let’s get you in my schedule and get spiraling.

“Amber is so smart, so attuned, so brilliant, and so able to listen and understand me. Thank you so much, Gyro is Amazing.”
— erin keeley, yoga teacher and coach
Thank you Amber! She had glowing praises for you and said that was “outstanding”! She really enjoyed your personality and approach too. It seemed to be just what she needed.
— Layne H, phd student at CU