Dear Reader,

This is where I am supposed to write accomplishments and experiences from my life that will somehow woo you to like and trust me more than you do in this moment. So here we go!

Bio: Take one.

{Song in my head right now} "I'm gonna knock you out, Mama said knock you out." 


Ahhh-mazingly dangerous, beautiful, and HUMAN.

- Nikki Pike, Artist


Growing up, I was trained as a competitive dancer, meaning I was being trained to win, win it all, or die. So I mostly won everything, except when I died, and then I won some more. 

What kind of dance did I train in you might be wondering? Well, I just listed a whole slew of different types of dance forms that I've studied throughout my life and was so BORED OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND that I just deleted the whole damn thing.

If you must see these sorts of things, you’re welcome to check out my CV here

I also just removed all the companies I performed with and all the studios I've taught for. San Francisco Ballet and Cirque du Soleil were NOT on my list mind you, but Circus De Carlos was! Yep that's right folks, a real live circus, complete with shitty smells and popcorn for sale that I don't recommend you actually ingest. 

Here is where I say something like, "I graduated with a BA or an MA in something that actually has nothing really to do with the crazy ass and sometimes beautiful performances I want you to come see and feel with me." But alas, that would be a downright lie.

Here's a list of school's I've attended, but did NOT graduate from: 

  • College of the Sequoias: Ceramics, Painting & Poetry

  • Naropa University: Dance Movement Therapy, Psycology

  • The Art Institute of Colorado: Interior Design & Fashion Design

Oh, Oh! Here's some Certifications I completed though:

  • Integral Circling

    • This is where I sit down, dive deep into your soul, and discover to the best of my ability, what it's like to be you - by you being super vulnerable and then we both get to cry together.

  • Gyrotonic Expansion System, The Art of Exercise

    • Think steam punk machines that combine a sort of combination of yoga, dance, breath work, weights, strengthening, stretching, and more, that results in improved spinal health and a re-patterning of the nervous system among other things.

  • Swedish Massage

    • If you don't know what this is, go get a massage for God's sake.

Have I told you about the Trainings I paid bunches of money for?:

  • Sublime Stupidity 1,2,3 with Elizabeth Baron (took them all twice!)

    • Liz helped me discover my loud, ridiculous, roaring and love-filled aspect of myself - Zinca!

    • As well as the horrible, grotesquely slurring, orgasmic, ugly, strange and hissing Queen of Wrong.

  • Red Nose Clown Physical Theater with Giovanni Fusetti

    • This training birthed a clown called: Daffodil, the young, cute, temperamental one that I hated with all my heart.

  • T3, Training the Trainer at the Integral Center

    • Course Lead: I was hired to be a course lead for a program called ARC, the Authentic Relating Comprehensive using the tools of Integral Circling that I learned during T3.

    • For me, Holding space for fellow humans while they unfold parts of themselves to themselves and others, often for the first time, is one of the most satisfying experiences.

    • Human Evolution + Vulnerability turns me on.

PERFORMANCE LOVE - I've performed my own work, other people's work, created pieces for others to perform, and performed zillions of time (literally of course).

You can check out some of my past solo performances or the testimonials pages of this website to see what I’ve been up to. And again, my CV is located here

Basically, I'm a performer at heart. A dancer. An actor. I'm sometimes a dramatic tragic comic who loves to love, and hopes for hopeful things. 

Hopefully I'll see you in my audience sometime soon.

Much love,